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company news about 【Industrial Steam Boiler】Introduction to steam boilers

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Company News
【Industrial Steam Boiler】Introduction to steam boilers
Latest company news about 【Industrial Steam Boiler】Introduction to steam boilers

Speaking of the boiler, perhaps we all know, but the knowledge of the boiler principle is a little, today, I am very happy to share here with you, together to learn. Let's start with the steam boiler!


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█ The working principle of the steam boiler

The Boiler heating surface pipes and furnace heat absorption of fuel combustion products after, to the boiler water, when water is heated vaporization, due to the smaller proportion rising to the surface and into the vapor space, while the space set aside by the cold water to the larger than major supplement, thus forming the natural cycle of soda, when the water to steam, which led to the decrease of the water level, feed water pump input of water into the pot to keep the water level in the normal range, the process cycle of boiler, can make the fuel quantity of heat to the boiler water, steam is produced.

█ Inspection and maintenance of steam boiler

1. After the boiler runs every 3-6 months, it should be stopped for comprehensive inspection and maintenance.

2. Method of stopping the furnace: after the boiler stops burning, the water inside the boiler should be cooled to below 50℃ before releasing the water inside the boiler. At this time, the main steam valve must be opened to connect the boiler drum with the atmosphere. If the cooling time needs to be reduced, cold water may be added to the water mains and hot water discharged through the sewer, provided that the water level is not lower than the normal level.

3. Water gauge, valve, pipe flange and other places where leakage should be repaired. Open the burner mounting barrel and check the hole cover on the top of the boiler to remove the accumulated dust in the tube. Eliminate soot and oil residue in the furnace. Remove scale and sludge from pot and wash with water. Check the inside and outside of the boiler, such as the welding seam of compression parts, whether there is corrosion inside and outside the steel plate, if found to have serious defects should be repaired as soon as possible. If the defect is not serious, it can be left to repair when the furnace is stopped next time. If suspicious findings do not affect safety, records should be kept for future reference. Remove the outer mask shell and insulation layer when necessary for a thorough inspection. If any serious damage is found, it shall be repaired before use, and the inspection results and repair status shall be filled into the boiler safety technology register.

4. The shell and boiler base shall be painted at least once a year.

5. Remove the accumulated dust from the chimney if necessary.

6. Boiler long-term maintenance method, dry method and wet method. Stop furnace for more than a month, should use dry maintenance method, less than a month can adopt wet maintenance method.

(1) dry maintenance method

Boiler boiler stop put to boiler water, after washing clean, internal dirt thoroughly remove it with micro fire drying, and then 10 ~ 30 mm lump lime plate installed, placed in the drum, do not make contact with the metal calcium lime, lime to the weight of the drum volume calculated per cubic meter of 1 ~ 2 kg, then all the hand hole, pipe valve closed, atmosphere with the outside world. Check every other month. If quicklime is broken into powder, it must be replaced immediately. When the boiler is running again, the quicklime and pan are removed.

(2) wet maintenance method

After the boiler stops the furnace, put the water out of the furnace, thoroughly remove and rinse the dirt inside, re-inject the treated water to full, heat the furnace water to 100℃ to let the gas in the water drain out of the furnace, and then close all the valves. Do not use wet maintenance in cold places (or seasons) to avoid freezing inside and damaging the boiler.


latest company news about 【Industrial Steam Boiler】Introduction to steam boilers  1

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