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company news about [New Product] LDR Series Electric Steam Boiler

China Zhangjiagang Wilford Thermal Co.,Ltd. certification
China Zhangjiagang Wilford Thermal Co.,Ltd. certification
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The quality of the boiler is very good. The service life of the boiler I purchased has reached more than 10 years.

—— Alain

The quality of your company's boilers has reached our standards, and the salesmen are doing their best to help me.

—— Masud

Your company's boilers are safe and durable, and we look forward to our next cooperation.

—— James

غلاية ذات نوعية جيدة ، وموقف موظفي ما بعد البيع جيدة جدا ، وكفاءة العمل عالية.


Качество котла очень хорошее, торговый персонал очень терпелив, а обслуживание хорошее.

—— Сатиск

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Company News
[New Product] LDR Series Electric Steam Boiler
Latest company news about [New Product] LDR Series Electric Steam Boiler


Vertical design electric steam boiler ,the heating elements are completely submerged in water and completely insulated-high efficiency and minimum radiation losses . After precision calculation&design, boiler could quickly and efficiently reach work pressure. Using low heat load surface heating elements-- not easily melted or softened.Each component with water pressure and withstand voltage test.Boiler could immediately work after connecting to power and water supply. Nearly 100% thermal efficiency--quiet, clean, more in line with environmental requirements.


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All electrical components have CE and CCC marks to ensure product safety and service life.

Full automatic operation mode, simple operation, boiler start-up amd stop quickly. operating load adjustment range, applicable to various working conditions.

Each group of electric heating element is connected with concentrated bundle flange, independent setting, high mechanical strength, safe and reliable. Easy to replace and long service life.

Flexible working mode, can be set to manual or automatic mode; With power switching function, the power can be adjusted according to the actual steam demand, so that the service time and frequency of all contactors are the same, and the service life of the equipment can be improved.

In operation,there are multiple protection functions ,such as phase sequence of power grid, overpressure, ultra-high liquid level, water shortage, overcurrent, leakage, short circuit of sensor, circuit break, timeout of water replenishing, and overtemperature of electric control box. It is safe and reliable.

Based on PLC and touch screen control, man-machine dialogue, one-click start, through PLC data communication, can achieve remote monitoring.

Vertical structure compact and beautiful, elegant shape, bright color, small floor area for easy installation, the modular design is for multiple parallel use.


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