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company news about [Steam Curing] Steam Boiler is Optional For Concrete (Cement) Curing in Winter

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Company News
[Steam Curing] Steam Boiler is Optional For Concrete (Cement) Curing in Winter
Latest company news about [Steam Curing] Steam Boiler is Optional For Concrete (Cement) Curing in Winter

In the cold season, concrete maintenance is essential. Concrete curing is to artificially create certain humidity and temperature conditions, so that the newly poured concrete can be normal or accelerate its hardening and strength growth. The ability of concrete to gradually harden and increase its strength is the result of cement hydration, which requires certain temperature and humidity conditions. If this condition does not exist in the surrounding environment, the concrete needs to be cured manually. In order to overcome the difficulty of humidity and temperature, steam is generally used to cure concrete.


What is concrete curing?

The process of ensuring the smooth progress of cement hydration in fresh concrete is called curing. Concrete curing generally refers to maintaining a certain degree of humidity. In the case of sufficient moisture curing, the cement can reach the maximum degree of hydration, but in the case of rapid drying, only a limited degree of hydration can be achieved. If the cured concrete is not good enough, the quality will not be achieved.


Steam curing

Place the cured concrete component or structure in the erected shed. If it is a road that is not easy to move, build a greenhouse on it, and then use the high-temperature steam generated by the concrete curing steam generator to introduce into the shed to increase the internal temperature. Then, the concrete hardening work is performed.

Place the concrete components in a curing room filled with saturated steam or a mixture of steam and air to accelerate the hardening of the concrete in a higher temperature and humidity environment. The curing effect is related to the steam curing system, which includes: standing time before steam curing, heating and cooling speed, curing temperature, constant temperature curing time, relative humidity, etc. The steam curing room has pit type, vertical kiln type and tunnel kiln type.


latest company news about [Steam Curing] Steam Boiler is Optional For Concrete (Cement) Curing in Winter  0

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